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FarmWorks Clients – please call or email Linda any time. FarmWorks Shareholders – our Clients appreciate your support. FarmWorks Clients Providing Food, Beverages, Goods during COVID 

FarmWorks promotes and provides strategic and responsible community investment in food production and distribution in order to increase access to a sustainable local food supply for all Nova Scotians.

Food for our future

Farmers, distributors, processors and chefs in Nova Scotia work together to put delicious food safely on the tables of people who buy local. But it’s not always possible to find local food. The lowest price is the law has driven many people off the land or out of business. Low prices, mostly for food imported from countries that may not provide worker benefits that local producers must pay for, have cost us the security of a local supply of foods other than milk, eggs and chicken.

Yes, we have no bananas, but we do have land and producers who are working hard to provide excellent food and beverages. Producers need customers who are able to pay fair prices so they can afford to pay good wages and rebuild infrastructure and distribution. With sufficient sales they will be able to produce more, helping to ensure that every person in Nova Scotia has access to sufficient healthy food.

At this time, as we look across the province at the number of farmers and producers and chefs who are stepping up to the plate to provide for their communities, it’s clear that they can grow to meet the demand – even year-round.

COVID 19 is causing us to carefully consider where our food comes from. Global issues are impacting every facet of our economy and causing a rapid increase in awareness of the benefits of local production. We have no assurance that everything will return to the previous status quo. This presents opportunities for us to help build a more sustainable food system.

We have reached a point where we need our food producers even more than they need us. A New Normal is inevitable and and delicious, healthy food produced close to home is crucial for our future.

Linda Best

Impacts of Local Investment – Survey of FarmWorks Clients  A new survey will update the results of the 2016 survey that describes the economic, social and other outcomes resulting from Shareholder investments that enable FarmWorks to provide loans and additional support to clients.

FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited, incorporated in 2011, operates as a Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) that enables Nova Scotians annually to purchase common shares in a diversified portfolio of businesses that yield meaningful financial returns on investments. These investments provide loans to farms, food processors, and value-added food producers, helping to increase the viability and sustainability of agriculture and the security of a healthy food supply.

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FarmWorks partners with investors, loan recipients, other lenders and other food-related organizations. These partnerships contribute to the growth and success of food-related enterprises across the province. FarmWorks Directors and Advisors support enterprises that successfully and sustainably increase production and profitability.

In eight offers years Nova Scotians have invested $2,716,900 in FarmWorks CEDIF. Loans have already been made to over 95 businesses. Loan repayments are immediately available to lend to other businesses.