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  • “All Hands in the Dirt” Yarmouth

    The “Gentle Dragons” are Looking for Food, so  “All Hands in the Dirt” Help the dragons find food at Salle Père Maurice LeBlanc Theatre, Tusket Wednesday, January 22, 5:30 pm No charge – please join us! Enjoy local food and conversation,  Hear from local food producers, learn about FarmWorks and other organizations. Sponsored by FarmWorks Investment Co-operative limited

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  • FarmWorks Flavours 2014 – October 26 – Alderney landing

    FarmWorks Flavours 2014 Small Plates and Sweet Treats - 30 TASTE SENSATIONS $30 Alderney Landing Market on Sunday October 26th from 4 pm to 7 pm. WONDERFUL FOODS AND BEVERAGES PROVIDED BY BUSINESSES SUPPORTED BY FARMWORKS! Participants and Menu Items from FarmWorks Flavours last year: Pie r Squared:Harvest Cream Soup with Fresh Basil Quark, Roasted Red Pepper Pesto and Chorizo Sausage Pizza, both Gluten Free Big Spruce Brewery & Eatery:Cereal Killer Oatmeal Stout, Kitchen Party Pale Ale, Bitter Get'er ...

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  • Rural Redefined: Post-Georgetown Conference 2013 Insight by Linda Best

    The time is ripe to re-energize the entrepreneurial spirit that historically characterized Atlantic Canadians. From the successes of early settlers to the accomplishments of individuals today, from entrepreneurs in small communities to urban farmers, from engaged kids to senior volunteers, there are multitudes of examples of Atlantic spirit. Maybe it's the ocean around us, maybe the food we grow, the distances that make us self-reliant but neighborly, the friend and family connections: these and many other elements inspire engagement and innovation and enterprise. Perhaps some of us have lost sight of our abilities, ...

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  • Charcuterie Ratinaud French Cuisine

    Charcuterie Ratinaud French Cuisine is wowing customers with cured meats, cheeses and pâtés, prepared dishes and cheeses, conserves and other accompaniments. Frederic Tandy was born in France and grew up eating his grandparent’s paté de campagne or country paté. Now he makes his own patés and other charcuterie, including sausages and more. Frederic’s food is inspired by the seasons and what’s available locally. Twice monthly, sold out Ratinaud Kitchen Table Dinners provide people with the opportunity to watch the preparation and enjoy an authentic French meal. Guests see more of the shop and kitchen and interact with the Chef in ...

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  • Helen B’s Preserves

    Helen B's Preserves is a family operated business that has established and maintained a reputable label in Nova Scotia’s Farm Market culture for nearly two decades. Helen and David Bishop of Truro, Nova Scotia started crafting up these jars of joy in their very own kitchen over 15 years ago, with the heartfelt sentiment “From Our Kitchen to Yours,” ensuring consumers quality, homemade products for you and your family. Expanding from Truro, to the Annapolis Valley, South Shore and now Halifax, these delectable products are made with Nova Scotian ingredients. We're happy to put tradition back on the table.  Thanks to ...

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  • Fifth Offer to date: $1,395,000 invested

    Shares With Edible and Financial Benefits $361,400 was invested by Shareholders the Fifth Offer for a total of $1,395,000  The money previously invested is currently supporting 55 food-related businesses with more to come, and monthly repayments are being added to the capital available for loans. Money is loaned at 6% for one to five year terms and is having a positive effect on farm and food-related businesses. Applications are processed as described on the Lending Page. If you are interested in learning about FarmWorks please ...

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  • January 2014 Newsletter

    February 2014 Newsletter

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  • Shift to Delicious – Nova Scotian Food

    When you buy local food, you vote with your food dollar for family farms, thriving communities, and healthy, flavorful, plentiful food.

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  • “Gentle Dragons” Found Food

    "Gentle Dragons" heard excellent presentations in November from existing and developing farmers and food producers from across the Province. FarmWorks will need to raise a substantial amount of money in the next CEDIF Offer to provide loans to those who qualify. We'll soon be adding short profiles of the Presenters. Friday, November 9th, THE BLOCKHOUSE SCHOOL, 63 School Road, BLOCKHOUSE, 12 – 4 pm  Presenters: The Blockhouse School, Flying Apron Cookery, Ma Bell's Country Condiments, Cultivator's Market, EarthWood: A Pilot Proposal, Prometheus, Rustik Magazine Dragons: Jo Ann Fewer, CEO of Perennia Inc.; Gary Morton, Morton ...

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