• Fixing food for the health of Nova Scotia

    Fixing food for the health of Nova Scotia What are we eating? For too many of us, it isn’t Michael Pollan’s prescription: “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” We’re eating lots of processed foods – highly processed foods – with additives including preservatives, lots of sugar and salt and taste enhancements. These foods are easy to buy and prepare quickly to provide calories. They’re also easy to waste. Taste buds may accept these foods but our health doesn’t. What we eat can cause obesity and diabetes and heart disease and cancer and overall poor health. And that affects the way we live, ...

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  • Considering Our Options

    "Society broadly needs to change the circumstances for all members of our society to enable people to have options and live differently. In our small province we could actually achieve this." Dr. John Ross, Chronicle Herald April 1st, 2016 We have options, and not all of them require difficult choices. Many of us worry about challenges while perhaps overlooking local solutions. Dr. Ross describes the Social Determinants of Health which, among others, include income and income distribution; employment and job security; food security; social connections and safety network.  There are options that can have a positive effect on these determinants. We can choose an apple ...

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  • Funds for Food – FarmWorks is cultivating food producers

    NEWS RELEASE      FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited For Release March 30, 2015 Funds for Food - FarmWorks is cultivating food producers FarmWorks has reached its first million! A fourth offer of FarmWorks Shares has raised $312,400 from Nova Scotians interested in supporting food producers and growing the Provincial economy. This brings the three year total to $1,033,400 and to date loans have been granted to 34 businesses across the Province. Funds from the new Offer will be loaned to applicants who meet FarmWorks criteria of excellent business planning, and home-grown production and sales.    FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited sells Community Economic Development Investment ...

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  • The Port Grocer Cafe – Local Food

    Deb Melanson describing menu items-

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  • Why FarmWorks Matters

    PRESS RELEASE - May 26, 2014 More than 25 jobs created within two years by entrepreneurs supported by FarmWorks FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited announced today that 18 Nova Scotian food-related businesses receiving loans in the 18 months between May 2012 and December 2013 have created 20 full time jobs and six part time jobs as a direct result of FarmWorks loans. More .... FarmWorks evaluation report May 2014

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  • FarmWorks 2016 Impact Report Information

    Impacts of Local Investment – Survey of FarmWorks Clients Economic and Social Impacts of FarmWorks Support for Food Related Businesses in Nova Scotia Anticipated figures for 2018 based on 104 (relative to 38) businesses that have received $3,800,000 (relative to $1,005,500): revenue $20,000,000 +, expenses $18,000,000 +, full or part-time jobs 475. “I think that entrepreneurs should boast about the support that we receive and where we receive it. Too often I see an article on a start-up entrepreneur and they do not mention the support that they received early on, and ...

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  • “Gentle Dragons” at Halifax Seaport Market

    Everyone to the Table! Help the dragons find food Halifax Seaport Market Tuesday, January 28th, 7 pm No charge – please join us! enjoy local food and conversation, Hear from local food producers, learn about FarmWorks & other organizations. Food producers – the Dragons want to hear from you! Please contact

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  • The “Gentle Dragons” are looking for more food

    In January and February there will be Entrepreneur Showcases across Nova Scotia. FarmWorks "Gentle Dragons" will ask questions of people who present their plans for producing more food in Nova Scotia, and everyone is invited to attend these sessions to hear about fine people with plans to increase the supply of great Nova Scotian food. Two sessions are already arranged:    

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  • “All Hands in the Dirt” Yarmouth

    The “Gentle Dragons” are Looking for Food, so  “All Hands in the Dirt” Help the dragons find food at Salle Père Maurice LeBlanc Theatre, Tusket Wednesday, January 22, 5:30 pm No charge – please join us! Enjoy local food and conversation,  Hear from local food producers, learn about FarmWorks and other organizations. Sponsored by FarmWorks Investment Co-operative limited

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  • FarmWorks Flavours 2014 – October 26 – Alderney landing

    FarmWorks Flavours 2014 Small Plates and Sweet Treats - 30 TASTE SENSATIONS $30 Alderney Landing Market on Sunday October 26th from 4 pm to 7 pm. WONDERFUL FOODS AND BEVERAGES PROVIDED BY BUSINESSES SUPPORTED BY FARMWORKS! Participants and Menu Items from FarmWorks Flavours last year: Pie r Squared:Harvest Cream Soup with Fresh Basil Quark, Roasted Red Pepper Pesto and Chorizo Sausage Pizza, both Gluten Free Big Spruce Brewery & Eatery:Cereal Killer Oatmeal Stout, Kitchen Party Pale Ale, Bitter Get'er ...

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