Board Members

  • Andrew Meade – Vice Chair

    Attorney at Law, Turks and Caicos Islands, (Inactive); Barrister and Solicitor, Alberta, Canada (Inactive); Self Employed - small business venture financing, real estate investing and consulting and directorial services to individuals, companies and funds; Director & Vice President - St. George’s Trust Company Limited in Bermuda; Attorney at Law McLean McNally, Turks and Caicos Islands, trust and estate and corporate law, director and legal counsel for trust company and securities brokerage; Legal Counsel - Trizec Properties Limited, negotiation and drafting commercial leases for office and retail tenants. Student-at-Law - Bennett Jones, Calgary, studied and ...

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  • Keith Rudderham – Director

    Keith Rudderham, Lt.-Col., is a Point Edward, Cape Breton farmer and Commanding Officer of the Cape Breton Highlanders. He is married to Lori and they have three children, Cameron, Ian, and Emily. He graduated from Royal Military College with Bachelor of Arts Honours Economics and Commerce in 1992, and Master of Arts in Defence Studies in 2009, and holds the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning CPF designation. He brings to the Board: Public Service Experience, Management skills, Community Leadership, Public Budget Management. He is a Problem Solver, Consensus Builder, Team Builder, Logistics Expert, ...

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  • Johanna Kwakernaak, Director

    I am interested in the work of FarmWorks based on my personal experience and a strong belief that agriculture as a historical foundation to our Nova Scotia economy can and should be integral to our economic future. FarmWorks provides an innovative model to grow all aspects of an agricultural economy, is uniquely Nova Scotian, a model of a cooperative collaborative community. I grew up in the Annapolis Valley, an immigrant, the daughter of a landscaper, nurseryman, and small scale produce farmer. My Uncles were dairy and pork producers. After gaining a diploma ...

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  • Linda Best, Founding Director

    Founding Member, Co-chair and Treasurer of FarmWorks,  Chair Friends of Agriculture in NS, Medical Microbiologist  Linda Best grew up on a farm in the Annapolis Valley. Since graduating from Acadia University in 1966 she has been involved with the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax as a Medical Microbiologist (1966 – 1995), Medical Researcher and author of peer-reviewed Gastroenterology papers and presenter at Research Conferences (1995 – 2012) and as a Director of the Capital District Health Authority (2001 – 2005). For twelve years she operated Alderbrook apple ...

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  • Ann Anderson, Founding Director

    Educator, Friends of Agriculture FarmWorks is for me one way of helping preserve what I have grown to love about Nova Scotia. I came to Wolfville, attracted by the warm, community minded people, plus access to the fruits and vegetables of the famed Annapolis Valley. Always concerned by nutrition and my personal and family’s health and well-being I delighted in the possibility of having access to fresh local produce from farm markets and road side stands. However, I came to understand that the supply of this fresh produce, local meat, jams, jellies ...

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