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  • Rural Redefined: Post-Georgetown Conference 2013 Insight by Linda Best

    The time is ripe to re-energize the entrepreneurial spirit that historically characterized Atlantic Canadians. From the successes of early settlers to the accomplishments of individuals today, from entrepreneurs in small communities to urban farmers, from engaged kids to senior volunteers, there are multitudes of examples of Atlantic spirit. Maybe it's the ocean around us, maybe the food we grow, the distances that make us self-reliant but neighborly, the friend and family connections: these and many other elements inspire engagement and innovation and enterprise. Perhaps some of us have lost sight of our abilities, ...

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  • Fifth Offer to date: $1,395,000 invested

    Shares With Edible and Financial Benefits $361,400 was invested by Shareholders the Fifth Offer for a total of $1,395,000  The money previously invested is currently supporting 55 food-related businesses with more to come, and monthly repayments are being added to the capital available for loans. Money is loaned at 6% for one to five year terms and is having a positive effect on farm and food-related businesses. Applications are processed as described on the Lending Page. If you are interested in learning about FarmWorks please ...

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  • Congratulations Oakview Farm in Kingsport

    Oakview Farm is FarmWork's 6th Loan Recipient! See Loan Recipients here Oakview Farm is a small local producer of pesticide free produce. They have three market areas; an on farm U pick operation for fresh fruit/vegetables, free run egg, and direct market sales at the Halifax Seaport Market. They have been in business for 16 years and have consistently grown their sales over that period of time. They have direct contact with their customers and enjoy providing fine quality produce for their business partners. Recently, they have added a greenhouse to extend their growing season for ...

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  • Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes

    What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TED Salon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their community. Pam Warhurst cofounded Incredible Edible, an initiative in Todmorden, England dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community. Full bio »

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  • PEI FarmWorks Offers Islanders a Chance to Invest in Island Agri-Enterprises

    Islanders will soon have an opportunity to use their investment dollars to grow the province's number one industry, agriculture and agri-food, right here at home. PEI FarmWorks is the first investment cooperative set up under the Community Economic Development Business (CEDB) program announced last August by Finance Minister Wes Sheridan. The CEDB program helps strengthen local communities by offering Islanders a new method to invest in economic development, said Sheridan. “Islanders want to invest in Islanders – in Island businesses that have the potential to benefit the community and foster growth in the local economy,” he said. Here’s how it works. Investors have ...

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  • Vermont ‘Farm to Plate’ to Create Jobs and Strengthen Local Food System

    Vermont is an example of how state-level legislative support can help regional, mid-sized, and small producers and rural communities. The state has developed polices aimed at community-based agricultural economic development aligned with local and regional food system infrastructure development. In 2009, the Vermont Legislature passed the Farm to Plate (F2P) initiative as part of the state’s jobs bill. Estimates of the F2P plan include 1,500 jobs over the next 10 years based on a five percent increase in food system production and an accompanying annual increase of $88 million in the state’s gross domestic product. Currently, 12.9 percent of private ...

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  • Andrew Meade – Vice Chair

    Attorney at Law, Turks and Caicos Islands, (Inactive); Barrister and Solicitor, Alberta, Canada (Inactive); Self Employed - small business venture financing, real estate investing and consulting and directorial services to individuals, companies and funds; Director & Vice President - St. George’s Trust Company Limited in Bermuda; Attorney at Law McLean McNally, Turks and Caicos Islands, trust and estate and corporate law, director and legal counsel for trust company and securities brokerage; Legal Counsel - Trizec Properties Limited, negotiation and drafting commercial leases for office and retail tenants. Student-at-Law - Bennett Jones, Calgary, studied and ...

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  • Keith Rudderham – Director

    Keith Rudderham, Lt.-Col., is a Point Edward, Cape Breton farmer and Commanding Officer of the Cape Breton Highlanders. He is married to Lori and they have three children, Cameron, Ian, and Emily. He graduated from Royal Military College with Bachelor of Arts Honours Economics and Commerce in 1992, and Master of Arts in Defence Studies in 2009, and holds the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning CPF designation. He brings to the Board: Public Service Experience, Management skills, Community Leadership, Public Budget Management. He is a Problem Solver, Consensus Builder, Team Builder, Logistics Expert, ...

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  • Johanna Kwakernaak, Director

    I am interested in the work of FarmWorks based on my personal experience and a strong belief that agriculture as a historical foundation to our Nova Scotia economy can and should be integral to our economic future. FarmWorks provides an innovative model to grow all aspects of an agricultural economy, is uniquely Nova Scotian, a model of a cooperative collaborative community. I grew up in the Annapolis Valley, an immigrant, the daughter of a landscaper, nurseryman, and small scale produce farmer. My Uncles were dairy and pork producers. After gaining a diploma ...

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