South Shore Farms

South Shore Farms, Upper Branch

South Shore Farms is owned and operated by entrepreneur David Eisnor. Located at 3228 Upper Branch Rd. in Upper Branch, Queens County, the long-term vision of South Shore Farms is to create an agri-tourism business on Nova Scotia’s south shore. The farm is a community-centred business and its central focus is growing haskap berries.

David’s haskap plants have now been in the ground nearly two years since the farm began, and some plants are already producing berries! However, it takes three years for the haskap plant to mature, so currently South Shore Farms sells haskap berries to local buyers. As the orchard matures, the business will continue to grow and South Shore Farms will develop value-added products from haskap berries, including wine, juice, preserves and dried fruit, to be produced and sold from the farm gate.

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