Vandal Burgers and Doughnuts

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Vandal, Halifax

 Vandal is located at the corner of Agricola and North Streets in Gus’s Pub inHalifax, and it is managed by Sonia Da Mota. Vandal offers lunch and dinner options prepared by chef Nicole Von Tufts, as well as coffee and drinks. They also provide a catering service.

Vandal believes in nourishing their community with nutritious local food sourced from small independent farms right here in Nova Scotia and fun doughnuts!

The menu includes many vegan and vegetarian options, as well as meat dishes that include quality meats from ethically raised animals, free from hormones and antibiotics. Vandal strives to offer organic ingredients when possible, and they consider their products “comfort food with a conscience.”

“We believe that restaurants can truly empower the communities they currently serve. We believe in nourishing people with real food, supporting the local economy and the ethical treatment of animals should be a top priority. We believe that farmers should feed our communities, and not suits. Our vision is to build a social enterprise where we can empower the community by giving the option to have the highest quality of real food delivered by local farmers and cooked by talented chefs.”

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