MacDougall Meadows

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MacDougall Meadows, Newport Corner

MacDougall Meadows is a small farm obsessed with producing traceable, high quality and secure food. They practice natural and sustainable food production methods, and recreate what a farm should look like: the chickens can run, turkeys can fly and pigs can root. MacDougall Meadows was founded based on a desire to have more people eating high quality nutrient dense foods, produced in natural and sustainable ways. They would like to see improvements in food security for Nova Scotians and more citizens supporting the farmers in their communities.

At Macdougall Meadows, they are all about working with nature. They believe in creating symbiotic relations between their animals and the land; everything has a job on the farm. They section their land into equal parts. A five year course for one section plays out like this:

– Year one is chickens.
– Year 2 the land is for pasture pigs, which turn in the chicken manure and prep the land for year 3.
– Year 3 the section is put into garden, absorbing the nutrients left behind by both pig and chickens, and the added compost spread by the horses and made by the pigs.
– Year 4 is a rest year; they seed it with a pasture mix which the horses graze in late fall.
– Year 5 the section is back to chickens.

MacDougall Meadows only grows quality local food, such as free range chicken, turkey, duck, heritage pork, and spray and chemical free vegetables. Though the farm is not certified organic, MacDougall Meadows strives to far exceed this standard – right down to the farm machinery! No tractor goes up and down their rows; instead a team of horses spreads manure, levels the ground and preps the beds. What can’t be done with the horses is done by hand.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order from MacDougall Meadows, give them a call at: 902-527-7721. For information about product availability and pricing, follow them on Facebook!

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