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Jenny Osburn – Director

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Jenny Osburn found a passion for cooking very early in life. Learning at her mother’s side, she learned to appreciate the delicious flavours of fresh food prepared from scratch and came to head up the kitchen in one of Nova Scotia’s most beloved restaurants. For the past fifteen years, she’s been hard at work promoting Nova S12304174_1155639551130807_3044595547736103007_o (1)cotia’s spectacular array of locally produced vegetables, meat, bread, cheeses and wine at the Union Street Café, a restaurant she founded with three women in her family.

In 2015 she produced a cookbook with Laura MacDonald of Deep Hollow Print. In The Union Street Café Cookbook, Jenny presents the most-requested recipes from the restaurant and shares secrets on where to find her favourite Annapolis Valley foods.

Awarded Select Nova Scotia’s Local Food Hero in 2010, Jenny feels that aside from the obvious benefits of flavour and strengthening the economy, buying local can change your life. From forging new connections with one’s community to a sense of celebration in the changing of the seasons, she believes choosing local can lead to increased satisfaction and happiness. Although she sold the restaurant in 2016, she is as committed to these ideas as ever.

Moosewood Cookbook author Mollie Katzen writes “Jenny’s signature cuisine is such a refreshing, original take on cooking!”

Food Network star and Canada’s best-selling cookbook author Chef Michael Smith writes:

“In this book you’ll find more than just a legendary collection of recipes. You’ll enjoy real flavours earned through years of true hospitality. You’ll taste a generation of memories and feel the energy of a kitchen connected to time and place.”


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