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Amin Tran – Independent Director

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Amin Tran – Independent Director

Amin was born in Ottawa, raised on the west coast, had his own business in the Prairies and now calls Nova Scotia home, where he lives in the Annapolis valley with his wife and son. Ironically, Amin found his passion for coaching small business and food while working in the corporate world where he has held senior leadership postings for companies such as Wal-Mart, IKEA, Best Buy, and The Hudson’s Bay Company. He has experience n various aspects from merchandising to logistics, marketing to operations and at times was accountable for sales portfolios of up to $650M+ and teams up to 700 people. He feels that these responsibilities pale in comparison to the determination, perseverance and creativity required to run a small business where as an entrepreneur you must be multifaceted, you may be the first and last line of defence, the promoter and devil’s advocate, and extremely resourceful & creative to be successful. His own entrepreneurship journey took him into the cosmetic & beauty sector, automotive glass & rubber industry, and the construction & real estate market. He is passionate about changing the local food system and everywhere he looks he sees opportunity and abundance from the natural attraction to the economic environment.  He will bring his diverse life and work experiences to the FarmWorks board and looks forward to contributing his skills and experience to better our home.

“I’m honoured and excited to be working with an organization that has been instrumental in upstream efforts to improve Nova Scotia”

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