Sixth Annual AGM

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Summary of the 2017 AGM, Annual Report, Minutes 2016 AGM, Treasurer’s Notes and Financial Statements, FarmWorks Impact Report

FarmWorks AGM 2017 Report and New FarmWorks’ Board for the year 2017 to 2018

On April 30th 23 people came to our 6th Annual General Meeting in at the Mahone Bay Centre in beautiful Mahone Bay. We welcomed shareholders from near and far. The meeting began with presentations from Sherry Redden, who spoke about her work as Manager of Business and Workforce Integration for ISANS (The Immigrant Services Association of NS), and David Eisnor who spoke about opportunities for young entrepreneurs and his role as Business Development Manager with Futurpreneur Canada (Atlantic). Thank you to David and Sherry for interesting updates and for alerting us to the opportunities that exist for collaboration with FarmWorks and other community organisations.

In addition to the standard business of the AGM, including a review of financial results, Linda Best, a founding director of FarmWorks provided an update on the progress of the co-operative since its inception in 2012. Linda underlined how much had been accomplished, and touched on the excellent report recently completed by Director Chloe Kennedy entitled ‘FarmWorks Investment Cooperative Limited – Economic and Social Benefits in Nova Scotia and Beyond’. The full report is available at and it paints a fascinating picture of the impact that our cooperative has had on food and agriculture businesses throughout Nova Scotia, and the community benefits that have flowed from FarmWorks success.

All reports, including financials are available on the FarmWorks website (, and your board of Directors is pleased to talk about any aspects of the cooperative, should you have questions.  Please contact Linda Best at or by phone at 1 902 542 3442.  Linda also keeps in touch via the FarmWorks facebook page at, so please check us out and give us a ‘Like’

The continuing Directors and Shareholders wish to thank Richard Melvin, Chloe Kennedy and David Bethune whose terms ended at this meeting. They will assist us as advisors.

And finally, an invitation to meet your FarmWorks Directors for 2017-18. A special welcome to new directors Aaron Eisses, Johanna Kwakernaak, Dave Oulton, and Sherry Redden starting the first of their 3 year terms.

1. Peter Hicklenton – Waterville 2 – 2019 Chair
2. Andrew Meade – Berwick 1 – 2019 Vice-chair
3. Bruce Wright – South Shore 1 – 2018 Director
4. Valerie VanOostrum – Berwick 1 – 2018 Director
5. Jenny Osburn – Berwick 1 – 2020 Director
6. Ann Anderson – Wolfville 2 – 2018 Director
7. Linda Best – Greenwich 2 – 2018 Director
8. John Webster – New Glasgow 1 – 2019 Director
9. Chris Atwood – Yarmouth 2 – 2019 Director
10. Leslie Brown – Halifax 1 – 2018 Director
11. Sherry Redden – Halifax 1 – 2020 Director
12. Dave Oulton – Windsor 1 – 2020 Independent Director
13. Johana Kwackernaak – Berwick 1 – 2020 Director
14. Aaron Eisses – Halifax 1 – 2020 Director

Peter Hicklenton – Chair, FarmWorks Community Economic Development Investment Fund

FarmWorks Annual Report 2017a

Minutes 2016 AGM FarmWorks

Treasurers notes on Financial Statements

FWIC Financial Statements 2016 YE

May 2 Draft of FarmWorks SIBAC CEDIF Report-1-1