West Nova Agro Commodities Ltd.


West Nova Agro Commodities Ltd., Lawrencetown

West Nova Agro Commodities Ltd. is a community-owned and community-run business in Annapolis County, NS.  The business commenced in the year 2000, and the immediate objective was to build a Grain Centre for the region’s farmers to dry, store and market grain.  The long term objective of the business was to support the agricultural sector and help develop new opportunities for agriculture.  Over the years the Grain Centre has expanded and has increased the types of grain and oil seeds marketed.  Initially the business only dealt with wheat, barley, and corn.   In 2014, the crops handled included wheat, barley, oats, rye, soybeans, and corn.

Beginning in 2009, WNAC focused its efforts on developing another new opportunity for the region.  This idea was to take surplus hay that was poor quality (for livestock feed) and turn it into fuel pellets and firelogs for heat.  This renewable energy business from hay is one way that small and mid-sized farms are able to diversify their revenue streams, while utilizing the equipment that they already own.  It also prevents more abandoned farmland from growing up in brush and being lost to future agricultural use. This AgriFuel business has taken off in recent years, and today WNAC has two diverse operations; the grain business is busiest in the summer and fall, while the fuel business is busiest throughout the winter.

The Grain Centre continues to dry, store, and market grain and oil seeds for local farmers.  It will also continue to identify new value added crops that can be grown in the region for animal feed, human consumption, or nutraceutical uses. The AgriFuel business produces fire logs for residential wood stoves and furnaces.  It produces and deliver pellets in bulk to farms, other businesses, and government institutions.  Pellets are also bagged for residential home use.

Additional opportunities that may be developed include; supplying pellets for livestock bedding, or producing a high quality feed hay pellet for livestock feed in export markets.

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