Meadow’s Brothers’ Farm

Meadow’s Brothers’ Farm, Barton

Meadow’s Brothers’ Farm is located in Barton (just outside of Digby), Nova Scotia. The farm is owned and operated by the Carman family. They sell maple syrup, eggs, hay and lamb meat. They also grow chickens, pigs and vegetables, which they produce for their family.

Meadow’s Brothers’ Farm was launched by Thian Carman, who has received local and national recognition as Nova Scotia’s youngest registered farmer. Thian knew that he wanted to be a farmer long before the age of 15 and he has received national awards for his research on the impact of music on the quantity and growth of chickens’ eggs. Thian graduates from Digby Regional High School in 2017, and plans to attend Dalhousie University to acquire a degree in Agriculture.

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