Studio East Food+Drink

Studio East

Studio East Food+Drink is owned and operated by Saronn Pov and Ray Bear. Our mission is to have a comfortable, relaxed business that is a favourite restaurant for the neighbourhood and a culinary destination for others. When they arrive, guests are greeted warmly and enter a comfortable down-to-earth space. A “second home” experience is created by making all food from scratch in an open kitchen, using ingredients that are in season and grown in Nova Scotia. We cultivate regular customers by learning their names and remembering their likes and dislikes, we hold community events and share specials, information, or events on our blog. The staff. Our prices are affordable, so regulars can visit often. Guests may order full meals, appetizers and drinks or simply desert. Customers also benefit by knowing that they are helping to sustain local agriculture and a strong community.

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Cunard St, Halifax, NS B3K, Canada