Katrina’s Kitchen

Katrina’s Kitchen, Baddeck

Katrina MacKenzie believes that cooking is a form of art.

“My desire is to create meals that will entertain your taste-buds and delight your tummy and keep you coming back for more. I use simple, quality ingredients and local fare whenever I can and take time and care making each meal. I love having convenient, yummy meals portioned in my freezer and want to share my favourites with you. Let me do more of your cooking so you can have more time to do the things you most enjoy!”

All meals are cooked, packaged and frozen in the licensed commercial kitchen of St. Mark’s Lodge #35 (Masonic Hall). The frozen packaged meals are sold from Katrina’s home-based food shop at 29 Campbell Street, Baddeck. Katrina’s Kitchen is very easy to find — just down the hill from the NSLC, right across the street from the Victoria Highland Civic Centre.

“Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of industries in all sorts of different capacities and have gained loads of experience. I’ve taken what I feel to be the best practices and incorporated those into the business philosophy for Katrina’s Kitchen. The top two guiding principles being:

1) To offer products of quality and value — meals I can take pride in.
2) Make life easier for the customer — hear and satisfy their needs.”

“I want to be easy to shop from and so on the days that I’m in the kitchen, I will make special arrangements to get you the meals you want if you can’t make it to the shop during regular hours.”

29 Campbell St, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0, Canada

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