Gold Island Bakery

Gold Island Bakery, Halifax

Gold Island Bakery is a business venture started by Jessica Ross in the fall of 2009. Over the past 4 years, Gold Island Bakery has developed an extensive line of whole grain, organic baked goods and low-sugar preserves. The objective of Gold Island Bakery is to promote the consumption of highly nutritious, delicious, and locally crafted food products through the production of sourdough breads, whole grain sweets, low-sugar fruit preserves, crispy low-sodium pickles and the distribution of small-scale artisanal cheeses.

Since 2009 this objective has been slowly executed through direct-retailing at farmers’ markets, wholesaling, catering and relationship building with other small-scale food producers. The creation of a wood-fired oven bakery space available for full-time use will maximize the potential of Gold Island Bakery by capitalizing on the momentum and customer base generated over four years in business.


Jessica Ross receiving cheque from Ann Anderson and Linda BestJessica Bread