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Entrepreneurs Showcase Participants

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Dragon’s and Speakers

Debra Moore

Debra received a Human Services Diploma from Algonquin College in 1976 and completed the Management Development for Women Program, a joint initiative between Saint Mary’s University and Mount Saint Vincent University in 2003.
In 1981, Jeff and Debra founded the L’Arche Homefires community for the intellectually challenged in Wolfville. They developed the program from a concept into a vibrant, not-for-profit organization encompassing four residential homes in Wolfville and Greenwich, as well as a day program and workshop with a retail outlet called Applewicks.
Jeff and Debra, along with three friends, established Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative in 1996.  Developing good jobs for people in the Annapolis Valley and Halifax is something which gives her a great deal of pride. Today, Debra’s roles as CEO, Financial Manager, and now Co-op Manager has been focused on day-to-day operations. During her time as CEO the business went from $1.6 million in sales to $5.5 million.

Edith Callaghan

Dr. Edith Callaghan is Associate Professor of Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility at Acadia University, and the Director of the Academy for the Environment at Acadia. Edith came to Acadia from Boston nine years ago, and having seen during her life the erosion of community and local agriculture, as the mother of three young girls she actively supports sustainability in every aspect of life.

Jonathan McClelland

Jonathan is an Agricultural Economist, experienced in community economic development. Before joining the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council in 2005, he worked with the Western Valley Development Authority in various positions. He has a strong interest in policy development and played and active role in the development and implementation of the Learn$ave Research Project. Healso was an ISO Auditor for the Western Valley Development Authority

Richard Donald
Nova Scotia Agricultural College
BSc, MSc, PhD Soil Science and Agronomy

Richard joined NSAC in the summer of 2009 as the new Vice President for Research, Extension and
Outreach with the mandate to work with researchers and educators to promote transition and
innovation in the agri-food sector in Atlantic Canada. As part of this role Richard is also CEO and
President AgraPoint International Inc, a NSAC-owned company involved in extension education and
technology transfer in the agri-food and bioresource sectors.

Born and raised in Montréal and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Richard attended Mount Allison
University, the University of Guelph, and the University of Saskatchewan, where he did his Ph.D.
Prior to coming to NSAC, Richard led a diverse career which has taken him across the globe; as
a CUSO Volunteer and agronomist in Nicaragua, and consulting as an agronomist in over 20 other
countries with Jacques Whitford Limited in Halifax.

 Entrepreneur Showcase Participants

Kilted Moose Farmhouse Brewery

“The Kilted Moose Farmhouse Brewery will be an 800 litre organically certified craft brewery dedicated to providing high quality, full-flavoured, drinkable, traditional style ales to the Nova Scotia market. Brewery dinners will be offered on the second floor of our brewery, thus pairing locally sourced food ingredients with locally produced craft beer. We will sustainably, and organically, create signature craft brewed ales, sourcing ingredients (berries, rose hips, honey, potatoes, pumpkin etc) as locally as is feasibly possible. We will not pasteurize or filter our beers. Brewery effluent will be used in irrigation of the farm’s produceand pasture. We will expand our hop production and encourage hop growing in the region. We will promote ourselves as proudly Cape Breton in origin, and as the only 100% certified organic, sustainable microbrewery in the Maritimes.”

– Jeremy White

Bailean Fuhuarain Farm

Bailean Fuhuarain Farm grows forage and grains to sell to local farms and business to help strengthen
the Nova Scotian agricultural industry. I provide square bales of hay and straw to local hobby and small
farms and also to construction companies for their environmental needs. I try to provide the best possible
product – anything that isn’t suitable for feed has an environmental use. I am working to improve my
farm output by clearing and draining the land I own in order to grow more forage and grains so that I can
make my living on my farm and make it possible for my kids to farm if they want. I am going to reaching
my goals and I am teaching my kids how important it is to have farmers to work the land produce food in
order to live.

– Chris Johnson

The Flying Apron Cookery

The Flying Apron Cookery is a family owned and operated multi service food company. We provide high
quality culinary education taught by our European Trained Master Chef and Gourmet Catering services
featuring seasonally and sustainably grown, locally sourced produce. We offer a wide selection of Frozen
Prepared Meals and Pantry items through our Home delivery service and at the Hubbard’s and Lunenburg
Farmer’s Markets. Through our knowledge of food and in partnership with local producers and growers,
The Flying Apron Cookery promotes and educates the use of seasonally grown and locally produced,
sustainable foods in Nova Scotia. We believe that everyone should to know how to cook, needs to
understand the story behind their food and deserves to experience tasty honest food.

– Chris and Melissa Velden

Fenol Farm

Fenol Farm is projected to be a 100–200 acre farm that concentrates on growing botanical medicinals
and producing high-value extracts and preparations primarily for the export market. It will be led by two
PhD chemists with over 15 years experience in their respective fields; both are highly skilled at extracting,
purifying, and characterizing new materials. Recognizing the significant economic opportunity presented
by natural products such as resveratrol, we have decided to launch Fenol Farm to produce and market
several lines of products. The flagship products will be based on resveratrol isolated from Polygonum
cuspidatum, a plant that grows very well in Nova Scotia’s climate. Other product lines will be added
subsequently to expand and diversify the operation, and profits will be reinvested in research.

– Dr. Sherri McFarland and Dr. Colin Cameron

Meander River Farm

Meander River Farm is a mixed farm operation and currently maintains a large woodlot, raises free range
poultry and hogs, and is in the process of developing acreages of lavender and hops. The farm’s future
development is based on a slow and steady long term growth and investment strategy that is focused
on creating a diversified asset base that will generate sustainable and profitable revenue streams. Our
next endeavour is to develop a cottage micro-brewery. We are developing a versified farm business of
multiple enterprises based on humane and natural animal production, sustainable woodlot management,
agri-tourism events, lavender and hop production, and cottage micro-brewery.

– Alan Bailey

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