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Linda Best, Founding Director

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Founding Member, Co-chair and Treasurer of FarmWorks,  Chair Friends of Agriculture in NS, Medical Microbiologist 

Linda Best grew up on a farm in the Annapolis Valley. Since graduating from Acadia University in 1966 she has been involved with the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax as a Medical Microbiologist (1966 – 1995), Medical Researcher and author of peer-reviewed Gastroenterology papers and presenter at Research Conferences (1995 – 2012) and as a Director of the Capital District Health Authority (2001 – 2005). For twelve years she operated Alderbrook apple orchard on weekends while working at the hospital. She founded Frame Plus Art which grew to three stores, a production facility and 10 employees. She served as a Director of Sutton Gardens Condominium Corporation for twelve years. After moving to Wolfville in 2002, awareness of food-related health issues led to research into potential solutions for the decreasing production of food in Nova Scotia. She helped establish Friends of Agriculture and the Nova Scotia Food Policy Council.

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  • Catherine Meyers

    April 2, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Hello Linda,
    I found out about Farmworks from a link on Facebook through Lisa Ward and the Food Action Network. I am very happy and excited to learn about Farmworks.
    Have you heard of Permaculture? A great site is I’m certain many of your members will find this very compelling to learn about. I would love to invest in Farmworks when I can scrape up a $100 dollars are very worth while investment I am sure!


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